Tafong Kati


Tafong Kati

Tafong Kati is a Pangcah artist who comes from the ancient Tafalong Tribe.During the past twenty years, Tafong Kati has been making driftwood art with ideas based on his cultural inheritance that he has successfully transformed into readable,graceful and touching symbols. Tafong is a quiet yet patient artist. Since his participation in 2002 Tribe Consciousness, one of the most important art events in the East Coast, he has become fully aware that the East Coast is, no doubt, his precious cultural and natural homeland.


Pahanhannan, the Rest Place

“Poetic Living” is the theme for Taiwan East Coast Land Art Festival 2016. The purpose is to evoke, in people, respect for land and environment. The artist has created a sea horse which stands quietly in landscape. Pahanhannan, the Rest Place is constructed with the simplest materials without needless explanation or noise.

It will always stay, just like the foreign priest who offered his service here. The touching story of that foreign priest has prompted the artist to create this work.



Fields in Xiaoma Tribe (on Highway 11, at the 127.5 kilometer marker, at the foot of the mountains)

Located on the north of Mawuku River outlet, Xiaoma is an Amis community surrounded by Coast Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.