Shilpa Joglekar

Shilpa Joglekar

Shilpa Joglekar comes from Mumbai, India. She works in environmental art.

Shilpa did her B.F.A from Sir J. J. School of Arts Mumbai, in 1989, and M.A. in Ancient Indian Culture from University of Mumbai in 2006. Although she studied and isnourished by traditional arts and culture, her works are very contemporary. Joglekarwas also trained as a ceramist under noted potter Nirmala Patwardhan. Besides herparticipations in the worldwide environmental art (including residencies andexhibitions in various countries such as France, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan andRomania); Shilpa has launched several community art projects across India involvingcommunity participations in workshops and public art. In 2011, in India, Shilpa curated two international projects in nature art. With concerns for the world, Shilpa is an active artist as well as a curator.


Antaranga (Inner Exploration)

This work is titled Antaranga; the Sanskrit meaning of it is contemplation, meditation and concentration. The artist made a pod-like structure/space with bamboo and branches. Viewers can walk inside and sit on the chairs created within and contemplate and find their peace of mind in response to the beautiful landscape outside. Shilpa is interested in unfolding the complex relationship between human and nature and renewing the cyclical circles of the past and the present. With this work, she hopes to create a sense of playful poetry within the ongoing interplay between the "artificial" and the "organic". She invites people to go inside, to sit or lie down on the chairs and let eyes meet the light casted on the intertwined twigs on the top of the structure.


Douli Visitor Center (the main office of East Coast National Scenic Area Tourism Bureau, located on Highway 11, at the point of 125.5 Kilometer marker) In Amis, Douli means “where the bears roam”. The area sits against mountains and opens up to the sea. From this spot, visitors can see Chenggong and Sanxiantai Recreation Area in the north and Green Island in the south. This area surely represents the beauty and grandeur of the east coastline.