Sapud Kacaw


Sapud Kacaw

Sapud Kacaw is from Makudaai Tribe, Hualien, and he has worked in driftwood sculpture for more than a decade. He is one of the most active middle-aged indigenous artists in Taiwan. His works describe the flow of waves and are made with solid structures and delicate textures. Sapud derives his inspirations from his mother culture which is full of loving feelings toward land and is represented, in his works, with contemporary symbols.

This is the second time Sapud Kacaw has participated in the Taiwan East Coast Land Art Festival. The Coastline, standing erect at Douli Visitor Center (main office of East Coast National Scenic Area Tourism Bureau), an installation by Sapud from TECLA Festival 2015, is one of the beautiful landmarks on the east coastline.



Joy of Land

It is a joy to live on the east coastline. People acquire a different attitude toward land. Unlike urban tourists who drift by without paying much attention, local residents have respects, gratitude and feelings for land. One can hardly appreciate the beauty of land unless he or she actually experiences it with his or her own body.This artwork is made of earth (gathered from nearby fields), straws and rice grains. It takes the forms of an octopus and germinating plants, symbols of the rich resources the land has given to us. The swing is an echo of the comfort offered by surrounding landscape. The attitude is simple: you will be happy as long as you stay here!



Fields in Xinshe (on Highway 11, at the Km 43.5 marker, amid the fields by the sea)