PateRongan Handmade Studio (Light in Texture)巴特虹岸


Located on the East Coastline, PateRongan Handmade Studio (Light in Texture) is a studio and a space for exhibition and performance. It is built with transparent materials and semi-open. At night, the rattan and bamboo lamps, designed and made by artists Su-Yen Chen and Tuwak·Tuyaw, emit enchanting light which attracts travelers along the Provincial Highway 11. The artists (and also directors of the studio) work very hard in promoting local crafts and natural materials.


About the Artists


Bamboo and Rattan Weaving / Lamp and Furniture Design / Public Art / Director of PateRongan Handmade Studio

Since 2008, Tuwak·Tuyaw has dedicated himself to tribal crafts, using bamboo and rattan to create artworks. His idea came, originally, from Kavalan people’s fishing culture. Tuwak is skilled in making Sanku, a kind of fishing trap, with useful bamboo and yellow rotang palm. Recently, Tuwak has collaborated with Shu-Yen Chen to set up PateRongan (Light in Texture) Handmade Studio to preserve tribal crafts and develop new art forms.

Shu-Yen Chen 

Artist / Weaving and Natural Dye / Environmental Art

Sue Yen Chen is from Luyei Gauta, Taitung. She majored in painting at National College of Art and did her MFA in fiber from Tainan National College of the Arts. In 2005, Shu-Yen moved to Xinshe, a tribal community on the East Coastline, Hualien.  Shu-Yen is skilled in using bark cloth (tapa), handmade papers and natural dyes to create mix media sculptures and on-site installations. Her works mainly focus on the relationship between inner life and primitive nature.

Hsiao-Jung Isabel Tsao 

Born in Chishan, Kaohsiung, Hsiao-Jung did her MA from Northwestern University and MFA from University of Michigan in USA. In 1996, she settled down in Hualien and worked in oil painting. Her works are very colorful, full of life and energy. In her paintings, abstract female bodies are often connected with images such as flowers, fruits, wings and butterflies, symbols of our mother nature. Recently, she started to work with landscape elements from the East Coast. Myth, poetic sensation, and the female energy and power are the constant evolving themes in her artwork.

Annie Hsiao-Ching Wang

Hsiao-Ching did her PhD in arts from University of Brighton, UK. She researches and practices photography, painting, mix media and installation to investigate issues that are concerned with female identity, creativity and visual culture. She is currently the director of Ching Tien Art Center while teaching at Department of Art and Design, National Dong Hwa University.



The mission for PateRongan (Light in Texture) Handmade Studio is to promote local culture and the creative energy using materials from nature.

In summer 2016, PateRongan Handmade Studio will present an exhibition of four artists: Annie Hsiao-Ching Wang, Su-Yen Chen, Hsiao-Jung Isabel Tsao and Tuwak·Tuyaw, There will be a three-week workshop of creative work with natural materials. During the festival, the studio will serve light food and drinks.

Activities (Exhibition, Talk, Performance, Workshop and etc.) Information Date & Time


Silence and Disturbance




An exhibition of four artists: Annie Hsiao-Ching Wang, Su-Yen Chen, Hsiao-Jung Isabel Tsao and Tuwak·Tuyaw, Exhibition Date



Every Friday, Saturday, 2-10pm





07/09(六) 3:30pm

Tours by exhibiting artists

Hand-made rattan bracelet


They Live and They Create



Workshop of Hand-made rattan bracelet

Artists talk and share

their lives and



Saturday Afternoon

Hand-made rattan bracelet


Talk 4:00~5:30

Teatime 5:30~

The Pacific Ocean Breeze ---workshop of natural materials


Gather materials from

nearby forest and learn

traditional crafts

(1) bark cloth (tapa) workshop 8/09-8/14

(2)banana fiber weaving workshop 8/16-8/21

(3)natural dye workshop 8/23-8/28

(4) mix media 8/30-9/4


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Food and Drinks Enjoy a great view of the Pacific Ocean with arts, lights, tea and light food. Friday and Saturday