Moving Tent Studio / Chou, MengYeh(移動工作室)


During the period of Taiwan East Coast Land Art Festival 2016, The Moving Tent will move along the Pacific coast, either on Highway No.11 or on Highway No.9. It is a studio, an exhibition and living space.


Moving Tent Studio
Location:The Pacific coast, on Highway N0.11 or 9

About the Artist

After graduation from college, I visited France and found my life pursuit. In 2004, I came back to Taiwan and worked as an artist. I started my hand-made brand name product ‘Nightmare 612’ in 2012. Since 2014, I began to use my art in exchange for a month’s living in spaces that are often in unfamiliar cities. I want to carry this project until the end of my life, to see and understand this world in every possibility.



‘Searching for a Way to Go Home along Highway No.11’ is the theme for The Moving Tent project. Eleven years ago, I participated, by chance, in Hweilian International Artists Workshop in Hualian. Ever since then, the Pacific East Coast is no longer a place to travel or tour but a place to return with a sense of belonging.



Work in Progress


1、Rubbing or Monotype (from Plants)
2、Walk and create artworks anywhere I go

Date & Time

In coordination with Tent Fairs

7/9-28:Heading toward south (starting from Hualien)

7/29~8/9:Tent Fairs at Good- Nest, Taitung

8/10-30:Heading toward north, (starting from Taitung)