Lafin Sawmah


Lafin Sawmah

Lafin Sawmah is an emerging young artist who comes from Changquang Tribe in Changbin, Taitung. In recent years, Lafin has set up a studio with his wife, who is an artist herself, on the roadside of old Taitung county road in a tribal village Bawonwon. Lafin used to make delicate driftwood crafts and furniture, but now, he has ventured into land art installation. The artist hopes that, through his craftsmanship, he may share with the world the treasures inherited from his ancestors: the attitude of a culture based on the ocean and its beautiful surroundings.



Temple of Light

Temple of Light is a work meant to be interacted with. It is made to allow the visitors to slow down and appreciate the beauty of local scenery. It is a cone-shaped ‘green’building that is mainly composed of earth, bamboo, stones, driftwood and recycled glass. The main structure is made with bamboo and driftwood while the wall is made with clay (mud wall, an ancient technique) in traditional way. The building has three connected openings and, from the main structure, a hammock is hung. Visitors have access to the building and they are invited to play inside.



Donghe Bridge (on Highway 11, at the 131.5 kilometer marker)

Donghe Bridge is located at the river mouth where Chenggong Township connects with the Mawuku River. The new and the old bridges both cross the river. Each has its own characteristics, and shows the beauty of architecture. The blue sky and Taiyuan Valley reflect on the old Donghe Bridge. It's like a stunning landscape painting.