Laboratory Gallery(實驗平台)


Laboratory Gallery is both a studio and a gallery run by artists Lafin Sawmah and Heidi Yip. This summer, two artists are invited to reside and exhibit their work: Wen-Jun Chou, a ceramist from Taipei and Toby Lam from Hong Kong, who works in environmental installation

mobile:0925-108- 100
Location:No.16, Fengtian Road, Bawongwong, Chenggong Township, Taitung

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About the Artists

Lafin Sawmah 

Driftwood Art and Furniture /Public Art

I came back to Taitung in 2009 in searching of a pace of life that I feel more comfortable with. I gradually become a driftwood artist. The touch of wood makes me calm and stable as if I was reborn and gradually turned into what I should be.

Heidi Yip  

Artist / Painting / Textile / Crafts

Heidi was born in Hong Kong. She immigrated to Canada when she was ten. Heidi majored in painting at Ontario College of Art & Design. After that, she has studied in Italy and stayed in New York. Her rich and dynamic background enables her to travel a lot and create artworks for more than ten years. In 2007, Heidi visited the East Coast, and she was so fascinated by the landscape, plants, people, the ocean and the culture that she decided to settle down in Taitung. Now she embarks on a journey into the world of painting.



6/10-7/31 Clay and Vase, Clay and Tableware ,Ceramic work by Wen-Jun Chou

8/3-8/31 The Trashed Natural, Toby Lam, installation


Creative Workshop



Exhibition: Wen-Jun Chou Workshop 1. Clay, interaction with local residents

Artist-in-Residence: Toby Lam Workshop 2. Used Clothing regenerated

Date & Time

Workshop 1

7/29-30 ,15:00-17:30


Workshop 2