Highway 11 Art Studio(台11藝術工作室)


Set up by artist Min-Su Kao and her husband Brian, a winemaker, the studio exhibits Min-Su’s works and holds crafts fairs on its outdoor lawn. Occasionally, in-door or out-door performance/activities will be held to promote and share the spirit of art.

Location:No.61, Doulan Village, Donghe Townhsip, Taitung County (inside the main building of Shin Dong Sugar Refinery)
FB: 台11 Highway11

About the Artist

Min-Su Kao is enthusiastic about travels and she loves the multicultural diversity. For her, painting is a way to express those joyful and touching moments. After traveling all over the world, Min-Su chose to settle down in Doulan. With her background in fashion design, Min-Su combines different materials to create beautiful artworks with a distinctive quality.



Two workshops are particularly designed for crafts lovers in Taitung area. People may discover their talents and interests through workshop experience.


  1. Crafts Workshop
  2. Fashion Show (Workshop Presentation)


1.Sewing and Tailoring Workshop

2. Hand Dyeing Workshop

Date & Time

From 6/1, one class per week, eight classes in total (class meeting14:00~16:00)

A presentation is scheduled around mid-August.