Hani Art Studio(哈匿)


The artist makes pottery in Amis tradition. The studio is spacious and it has an open ground outside. Creative works are on exhibit and for sale. There are flower and vegetable gardens. For families with young children, this is an ideal place to spend time to learn pottery, enjoy camping and know Amis way of life.

mobile:0933-333 687
Location:No.88, Lane 220, Hechiang Road, Fugang Village, Taitung

Facebook:Hani Art Studio

About the Artist

The artist explores traditional crafts and the works are about land and nature. Hani uses a special technique which is both traditional and modern in expression. The artist believes that, in terms of making art, sophisticated theories are unnecessary. Art is about what you see, hear, touch and feel.


In indigenous culture, art is a way of life. Through art, we can enhance our quality of life. In pottery making , workshop participants may contemplate and reconsider, in a world of capitalized technology, a more touching way of life by returning to the original.。


Pottery Workshop


  1. Pottery Lessons

(eight courses,two hours and half per lesson)

  1. Final Presentation/Exhibition
  2. Party
  3. Exchange Works

Date & Time

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 13:00~17:00。

From July 9 to the end of August Final presentation & graduation party will be held in mid-October