Guan Studio有容乃大工作室


Guan Studio is situated on the Provincial Highway 11, at the point of 11.5K. It is a yellow building standing by the sea. The artist Guan bought it three years ago and she renovated the house all by herself. The building has a yellow swirling tower outside and it is distinctive in personal style. The ground floor is a gallery space while the artist lives on the second floor.

Location:No.74, Fude, Yanliao Village, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County ( Provincial Highway 11, at the point of 11.5K )

About the artist


Guan worked in commercial design when she was young. Then, she began to make iron sculptures. Guan has traveled to more than forty different countries and she has been in residencies both in China and Hungary.

She is the founder of several noted crafts fairs in Taiwan; for instance, the one in Chiayi and the famous Crazy Fair at Ocean Home, in Yanliao Village, Hualien.



The house itself is worthy of visiting. It is transformed, with decorative method, from an ordinary old house, into an exhibition gallery and a fair-looking dwelling with a great view of nearby mountains and the ocean. There are iron sculptures made by Guan and drawings and photographs from her world-wide travels. These artworks tell stories of the artist and they are the dialogues that she would like to share.



Dialogue of Life


Tour guides to the decorative method of the entire building

Exhibition of iron sculptures, drawings and photographs

Dialogues with young people

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