Euroba (Mountain and Field Design)


Euroba (Mountain and Field Design)

Euroba was born in Nepal, within a Tibetan district, and he was named Nogdup in Tibetan. Later, when he was about six years old, he moved to Taiwan for education and changed his name to Euroba. In 2007, in search of self, Euroba took a bicycle trip starting from Berlin, passing Holland, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Greek,Turkey, Iran, China, Korea and finally, back to Taiwan. It took him 445 days to accomplish the entire journey. In Taiwan, Euroba has worked on several architectural projects and collaborated with artist YinRu Chien for art exhibition planning. Currently, Euroba lives and works in Suao, in a space that he has designed and renovated.



Bath in the Landscape, Silent Microcosm

To the artist, the word “bath” means that we assume the posture either of sitting or lying to immerse ourselves in experiencing an atmosphere. A “Landscape” includes not just mountains, water, plants, animals, air, light or other physical elements in a space where the observer is, it is also about the observer’s capacity (for instance, our vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch, association, the society we come from, our cultural backgrounds and psychological reactions) to feel, to understand and to discern the scenery. What is more, what we observe is often conditioned by time,locations and individual differences. A landscape is made up of human and nature and, according to the artist, there are different types of landscapes: the first is a natural (real) landscape; the second, an image (of a natural landscape) projected on our retina; the third, an image of a natural landscape reflected in our consciousness ; finally, a new landscape is formed when an image of a natural landscape reflected in our consciousness is projected on a natural (real) landscape.



Douli Visitor Center (the main office of East Coast National Scenic Area Tourism Bureau, located on Highway 11, at the point of 125.5 Kilometer marker)

In Amis, Douli means “where the bears roam”. The area sits against mountains and opens up to the sea. From this spot, visitors can see Chenggong and Sanxiantai Recreation Area in the north and Green Island in the south. This area surely represents the beauty and grandeur of the east coastline.