Eleng Luluan


Eleng Luluan

Eleng Luluan comes from a Rukai tribe in Dawu Mountains, Pingtung. She works in different forms and materials. Her art is deeply concerned with her search for self and the connection with land. She is skilled in constructing different kinds of mix-media materials as well as in deconstructing them. Being a female artist, Eleng was never confined by the so-called female tenderness. Her works are very strong, full of tension, explosive force and profound artistic conceptions.



The Healing Innocence

The wind is, no doubt, one of the most impressive characteristics of Jialulan Recreation Area. When it comes the time for the east-north wind to blow, one can hardly stands on one’s toes. Therefore, this place is not for living. It is a hunting ground where the Amis people collect their daily sea food at intertidal zone. This artwork provides a swing, a hammock and a shaded roof. It is set up for people to relax themselves. Visitors may come and interact—looking at mountains and the sea at leisure, recalling their simple and beautiful childhood and healing their tired and injured heart.



Jialulan Recreation Area (on Highway 11, at the 157.7 kilometer marker)Located on the north side of Xiaoyeliu Scenic Area, Jialulan is a renowned Amis tirbe in Taitung. It is a branch tribe of Wawan, and it is called Kararuan in Amis language.In the old days, the Wawan people washed their hair daily in the nearby river; therefore, the word kararuan is made up of karon (wash hairs) and an (place).