Doulan Sugar Factory Warehouse 2(都蘭二倉)


Located on the roadside of Provincial Highway 11, the studio is run by artist Ruby Swana. It is an exhibition space showing works of local artists. Food and coffee are available and there are crafts for sale.

phone:089 531817
mobile:0918 032851
Location:No.61, Doulan Village, Donghe Township, Taitung County (inside Doulan Sugar Factory or Shin Dong Sugar Refinery)

Facebook:Doulan Sugar Factory Warehouse 2

About the Artist

Ruby Swana has practiced art for fifteen years and she has an intuitive sense of beauty. Ruby works in various media, including visual installations, crafts, wood sculptures and paintings. Her practice in art involves a process of self-reformation and self-interpretation.


An installation entitled ‘A Trap of Beauty’

By weaving together flowers of life, the artist wishes to give blessings to land, environment and also to her friends and relatives.




‘A Trap of Beauty’, an art exhibition

Date & Time

From July 9 – October 31