Chien, ChunCheng簡俊成


Chien, ChunCheng

ChunCheng Chien graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts with BA in sculpture and later, MFA in plastic art. He works in installation, public art, and art education promotion. He has participated in various artist-in–residence programs in  Taiwan, such as: 435 International Artists’ Village, No.20 Warehouse Taichung, Taipei Cultural Center, Grass Mountain Chateau, and Tungchu Island.



Snail Residence

What the artist keeps exploring in his artwork is the idea of a corresponding relationship between human and nature. Lives of humans began from wild forests and then grew into civilized societies. Through a process of slow development,change and transference in time, concepts and images are gradually unveiled. In his works, ChunCheng Chien investigates the relationship between ecology, time and space. ChunCheng believes that, through his artwork-making, the inevitable yet corresponding relationship between human and nature is thus connected. Could human and nature co-exist in harmony? Are there modes for the artwork and plants to co-exist symbiotically? These are issues raised by the artist.



Jinzun Recreation Area (on Highway 11, at the Km 133 marker )

The area consists of bays, offshore reefs, a long beach and coastal cliffs. A land-tied island is just taking shape, a rare phenomenon existing nowhere else in Taiwan.This place is named Jinzun ( literally, golden wine glass in Chinese) because of its shape.