Guan Studio有容乃大工作室

Guan Studio is situated on the Provincial Highway 11, at the point of 11.5K. It is a yellow building standing by the sea. The artist Guan bought it three years ago and she renovated the house all by herself. The building has a yellow swirling tower outside and it is distinctive in personal style. The ground floor is a gallery space while the artist lives on the second floor.

Art of the Earth大地工作室

Surrounded by mountains and the sea, Art of the Earth is located in a quiet place and it is good for the peace of mind. The house is clean and neat, with introversive characters that serve well as a small foundation for creative work.

Bridge 12(12號橋)

I tend to think that a ‘bridge” means a device for people to interact and communicate with each other. I want to make River 12, together with the landscape around, a cultural base and to share it with visitors.

Kaluluan Studio好聚落

Jiqi Village is a multi-cultural community composed of different tribes including Sakizaya, Amis, Bunun and Kavalan. It is built by local elders in 1931 and there are the best-preserved beams of the houses in town. The village is worthy of preservation, re-use and architectural studies.

PateRongan Handmade Studio (Light in Texture)巴特虹岸

Located on the East Coastline, PateRongan Handmade Studio (Light in Texture) is a studio and a space for exhibition and performance. It is built with transparent materials and semi-open. At night, the rattan and bamboo lamps, designed and made by artists Su-Yen Chen and Tuwak·Tuyaw, emit enchanting light which attracts travelers along the Provincial Highway 11. The artists (and also directors of the studio) work very hard in promoting local crafts and natural materials.

Cepo Art Center Cepo藝術中心

Cepo'Art Center was once the site of a local police station since Japanese occupation. Three years ago, the police station was relocated to Jingpu and the building was abandoned. Local artists and culture offices/workers reopened the space and they collaborate with Gangkou Elementary School to make Cepo'Art Center an open foundation and education center for arts and culture.

As Driftwood Comes Across Pottery當漂流木遇見陶

The studio is built with materials gathered from nature. Driftwood plays a major part in space and it is enriched by wood-fired pottery. The artists have created a better quality of life within a natural environment. It is simple and pure, an expression of the art of living.

Laboratory Gallery(實驗平台)

Laboratory Gallery is both a studio and a gallery run by artists Lafin Sawmah and Heidi Yip. This summer, two artists are invited to reside and exhibit their work: Wen-Jun Chou, a ceramist from Taipei and Toby Lam from Hong Kong, who works in environmental installation

Yang, YuPei(楊宇沛)

Opening up my studio (a private space where I live and work) for the first time, I present series of works and the development of ideas during these years.

Highway 11 Art Studio(台11藝術工作室)

Set up by artist Min-Su Kao and her husband Brian, a winemaker, the studio exhibits Min-Su’s works and holds crafts fairs on its outdoor lawn. Occasionally, in-door or out-door performance/activities will be held to promote and share the spirit of art.

Doulan Sugar Factory Warehouse 2(都蘭二倉)

Located on the roadside of Provincial Highway 11, the studio is run by artist Ruby Swana. It is an exhibition space showing works of local artists. Food and coffee are available and there are crafts for sale.


‘Good –Nest’ is an art space that is set up by ‘good’ and creative people. It provides lodging service plus music, performance, exhibition, conference and artist-in-residence program. ‘Good-nest’ is one of the meeting centers on the east coastline where local artists gather and exchange ideas.

Hani Art Studio(哈匿)

The artist makes pottery in Amis tradition. The studio is spacious and it has an open ground outside. Creative works are on exhibit and for sale. There are flower and vegetable gardens. For families with young children, this is an ideal place to spend time to learn pottery, enjoy camping and know Amis way of life.

Moving Tent Studio / Chou, MengYeh(移動工作室)

During the period of Taiwan East Coast Land Art Festival 2016, The Moving Tent will move along the Pacific coast, either on Highway No.11 or on Highway No.9. It is a studio, an exhibition and living space.