• Poetic Living: A rest stop in landscape

    The East Coast Land Art Festival

  • A rest stop in landscape

    Poetic Living


The East Coast Land Art Festival (TECLandArt Festival) is an art event that contains artist residencies in the local area, the creation of outdoor artworks, and workshops along the East Coast of Taiwan. It was started by the East Coast National Scenic Area Administration of Taiwan Tourism Bureau (ECNSAA) in 2015. In this year’s (2016) festival there’s not only the artist residence project but also open studios, art markets, and concerts that will happen along the Hualien-Taitung Coastal Highway. The TECLandArt Festival is focusing on the natural environment, local indigenous lifestyles, travelling and a grand tour. The east coast of Taiwan has a magnificent natural environment. Here you can feel elegant, but also wild and mysterious, while being open. The people who live here are peaceful, natural, honest and free. Through the artist residence project we will create artworks, host artistic activities, and offer travel facilities to let tourists feel happy in the public areas and dream about staying on the east coast of Taiwan.

The TECLandArt Aims

  1. The goal is to have the artists’ creations combine with the environment to highlight the natural landscape of the east coast and for these works to invite new tourism prospects for the East Coast.
  2. Creating a base of culture and values of east coast of Taiwan through the open studio and other art activities.
  3. Connecting with Asia, the Pacific Rim, Africa, Europe, and American art communities, with special focus on the countries that are near Taiwan to expend the art network.


Open call for 6 Taiwanese artists and invite 2 international artists to join the residence project.

Topic and Materials

Topic: Poetic Living: A rest stop in landscape

This artwork is one kind of land art, or environmental artwork, that could let people go inside, appreciate, rest, and play with it. For example, you can make a big sculpture on the terrain, a perfect woods integrated tree house, a leisure tearoom, a enjoyable visually floating and lightning sculpture or installation, the installation artworks with the environment as the issue, or a purely poetry structure.

Material: Natural material is preferred. For example wood, bamboo, rattan, stone, water, copper, iron, any kinds of plant, natural dye, braid ext.

All the construction of the artworks needs to be strong and safe. And from the time of the exhibition they can be guaranteed to last one year..


Funding for this artist residence project comes from The East Coast National Scenic Area Administration (ECNSAA) of Taiwan Tourism Bureau, and Wata Creative Integration Company.

The project will provide the following:

  1. Round-trip airfare (economy class)
  2. Medical insurance during the residence.
  3. Accommodation related to stay on the East Coast.
  4. Transportation during the residence(vehicle, scooter, bicycle or public transportation )
  5. Support extra living costs
  6. Creation fee (materials, equipment rental, gasoline for transportation, assistant if needed, etc.)

Organizers  │


Director: Nakaw Putum

Second Director:Su Ssu-Ming

Artistic Director : Pan Sheau-Shei [Yuki]

Curator:Lee Yun-Yi

Administrative:Wu Shu-Lun

Activities:Huang Fu-Kuai

Promotions: Huang, Jin-Cheng、Yang Cheng-Tuz

Film Makers:Cameron Hanson、Tommaso Muzzi

Contact  │


Pan Sheau-Shei [Yuki]


Lee Yun-Yi


Wu Shu-Lun