Sapud Kacaw

Sapud Kacaw is from Makudaai Tribe, Hualien, and he has worked in driftwood sculpture for more than a decade. He is one of the most active middle-aged indigenous artists in Taiwan. His works describe the flow of waves and are made with solid structures and delicate textures. Sapud derives his inspirations from his mother culture which is full of loving feelings toward land and is represented, in his works, with contemporary symbols.

Lafin Sawmah

Lafin Sawmah hopes that, through his craftsmanship, he may share with the world the treasures inherited from his ancestors: the attitude of a culture based on the ocean and its beautiful surroundings.

Chien, ChunCheng簡俊成

ChunCheng Chien graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts with BA in sculpture and later, MFA in plastic art. He works in installation, public art, and art education promotion. He has participated in various artist-in–residence programs in Taiwan, such as: 435 International Artists’ Village, No.20 Warehouse Taichung, Taipei Cultural Center, Grass Mountain Chateau, and Tungchu Island.

Tafong Kati

Tafong Kati has been making driftwood art with ideas based on his cultural inheritance that he has successfully transformed into readable,graceful and touching symbols. Tafong is a quiet yet patient artist. Since his participation in 2002 Tribe Consciousness, one of the most important art events in the East Coast, he has become fully aware that the East Coast is, no doubt, his precious cultural and natural homeland.

Maiko Sugano

Maiko Sugano graduated from the School of Fine Arts at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music in 1997, and in the same year she received the Excellence Prize in the Parco URBANART #6 competition. After working for a design firm, she embarked on a round-the- globe trip, and ended up living in San Francisco in 2000. In 2014, she had her PhD in Fine Art at Tokyo University of the Arts. Now, she is currently researching art and communication in Japanese domestic environments while continuing her artwork.

Shilpa Joglekar

Shilpa has launched several community art projects across India involvingcommunity participations in workshops and public art. In 2011, in India, Shilpa curated two international projects in nature art. With concerns for the world, Shilpa is an active artist as well as a curator.

Euroba (Mountain and Field Design)

In 2007, in search of self, Euroba took a bicycle trip starting from Berlin, passing Holland, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Greek,Turkey, Iran, China, Korea and finally, back to Taiwan. It took him 445 days to accomplish the entire journey. In Taiwan, Euroba has worked on several architectural projects and collaborated with artist YinRu Chien for art exhibition planning. Currently, Euroba lives and works in Suao, in a space that he has designed and renovated.

Eleng Luluan

Eleng Luluan comes from a Rukai tribe in Dawu Mountains, Pingtung. She works in different forms and materials. Her art is deeply concerned with her search for self and the connection with land.Her works are very strong, full oftension, explosive force and profound artistic conceptions.