表演藝術工作者,留美和芬蘭,美國伊利諾大學香檳分校藝術和藝術史雙學位,芬蘭赫爾辛基肢體劇場和舞蹈高等文憑,曾榮選美國基金會法國Cite' Universitate和阿姆斯特丹DanceShort駐村藝術家。作品參與舊金山沼澤劇場國際表演藝術節,2011受邀擔任奧地利林茨藝術大學客席講師,2012 維也納SOHOIO雙年展特邀演出,2013實驗錄像舞蹈短片榮穫歐洲ARTE創意頻道獎,2014年新加坡當代藝術中心演出。她的作品專訪可見於柏林雨虎雜誌,台灣表演科技論壇,歐洲StigmaART藝術雜誌,上海Make+,Stance on Dance美國舞蹈雜誌等,現居台北。

Delphine Hsini Mei

Interdisciplinary performer. Artist residencies: Cite American-Foundation (Paris, France), DanceShort (Amsterdam, NL), performance at Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, Onsite Musicand Performance Festival Taiwan, etc. Interviews are seen in StigmaART, Make+ Shanghai,Stance on Dance America etc. Delphine is working with issues from identity shifts, powerstructures, travel / migration / cultural transition-transfer, to themes of violence and memory /healing and collective history. Her performances are based in empowerment and healing, also creating more conscious dialogues and exchanges.



劉寅生 (合作藝術家)


Born in 1974,Yin-Sheng Liu is an artist of several aspects, was honored special announced in visual art of Break21 international festival of young independent artists at Slovenia on 2000. His art projects are mostly constructed with visual elements, music, and live performance.Using “automatic drawing” to capture the messages from the cosmos he tries to explore in Mysticism.These years he was invited by the performing art festival China, Korea, Serbia..He also has more cooperations with contemporary composer, with images an also performance.